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Kern's Z12 Stone Laser Etcher will create beautiful looking monuements from marble, granite, slate and many other natural stones.

Kern Z12 large format laser cutter

Product Information

The Z12 Laser System offers the greatest amount of detail available in the monument etching industry. The strong, solid steel frame and extra high gantry are designed to handle heavy stones up to 12" thick. A wrap around gantry and roller bed table makes loading and unloading of material quick and easy. The low profile table and pass through design allows for easier integration of existing conveyor systems. Urns and caskets can also be laser engraved with beautiful results.

Increase your shop productivity with the ability to etch monuments at speeds up to 150 ips. For example, a square foot of etching on granite can be completed in less than 4 minutes!


kern z12 laser logo

Work Areas

*custom sizes available
kern z12 25" x 25" work area
kern z12 50" x 52" work area
kern z12 100" x 52" work area
kern z12 120" x 60" work area
kern z12 120" x 80" work area

Laser Wattages

400W Laser
250W Laser
200W Laser
150W Laser
100W Laser
50W Laser
30W Laser

Standard Features

  • High Performance Computer & LCD Monitor
  • Closed Loop Chiller (100W and greater)
  • Exhaust Blowers / Downdraft Vacuum Bed
  • High Speed Servo Motors
  • 2.5" FL Optics Assembly
  • KCAM Laser Software
  • CorelDRAW or AutoCAD LT
  • 2 Days Training at Kern Facility
  • Laser Safety Kit
  • Laser Tool Kit

Optional Features

  • Metal Cutting Option
  • Kern Vision Pro
  • Rotary Device
  • Side Panels
  • 1.5", 5" & 7.5"FL Optics Assemblies
  • PhotoGRAV Software
  • Aluminum Spacers
  • On-site Training