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Large Format and Powerful Laser Systems
Working areas starting at 52" x 25" ad as large as 80" x 120". Laser powers up to 400 watts available.

Kern HSE - High Speed Engraving Laser

Product Information

The HSE Laser System is the flagship model in Kern's product lineup. A wrap around gantry traverses over the cutting bed allowing for finished parts to be easily removed at all sides of the machine. The moving gantry features high speed servo motors and a flying optics beam delivery providing consistent beam power and quality over the entire work area plus the capability of etching at speeds of up to 150 inches per second, for images up to 52 inches by 100 inches in size.

The HSE equipment is versatile to the degree that it will quickly process acrylic, metal, wood, stone, foam and more. The HSE truly is the laser system of choice for sign makers, metal fabricators and educational institutes around the world.


Work Areas

*custom sizes available
HSE25 25" x 52" work area
HSE50 50" x 52" work area
HSE100 100" x 52" work area
HSE60120 120" x 62" work area
HSE80120 120" x 80" work area

Laser Wattages

400W Laser
250W Laser
200W Laser
150W Laser
100W Laser
50W Laser
30W Laser

Standard Features

  • High Performance Computer & LCD Monitor
  • Closed Loop Chiller (100W and greater)
  • Exhaust Blowers / Downdraft Vacuum Bed
  • High Speed Servo Motors
  • 2.5" FL Optics Assembly
  • KCAM Laser Software
  • CorelDRAW or AutoCAD LT
  • 2 Days Training at Kern Facility
  • Laser Safety Kit
  • Laser Tool Kit

Optional Features

  • Metal Cutting Option
  • Kern Vision Pro
  • Rotary Device
  • Side Panels
  • 1.5", 5" & 7.5"FL Optics Assemblies
  • PhotoGRAV Software
  • Aluminum Spacers
  • On-site Training