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Epilog Laser

Engraver Systems

Epilog Laser is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems, in the Golden, Colorado.

Kern Lasers

Large Format Lasers

Kern Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of advanced laser cutting and laser engraving equipment in the United States.

TYKMA Lasers

Galvo Industrial Laser Systems

Laser Marking for product identification & traceability. Industrial Laser Engraving Systems manufactured by TYKMA with strict product marking.


Fume Extractors

BOFA are specialists in fume extraction and filtration. With 30 years of experience in the industry we are able to manufacture reliable extraction units.

Industrial Laser Supply

We Have the Lasers

to fit your needs

Industrial Laser Supply, LLC provides laser engraving and cutting system sales in Connecticut, Southeast NY, Northeast PA and NJ. We believe in providing the most reliable laser products like Epilog Laser, Kern Laser, TYKMA / Elextrox, and BOFA fume extractors at an affordable price. With our many years of experience in the laser engraving and cutting industry, let us help you connect the equipment you need to get your business idea up and running or to fit a need within your existing business or the company you work for.

Contact Industrial Laser Supply today and we will send you the our informational package which includes latest sales pricing, brochures, samples and information on how to set up a demonstration for the laser you are interested in.


NEW Fusion M2 40 Laser
Engraving and Cutting Laser System


BOFA’s Advantage Fume Extractors.


The HSE Laser Systemis the flagship
model in Kern's product lineup.


Industrial Lasers – For Marking
Powerful. Robust. Reliable.

Our Goal
Is to meet

your System needs

Industrial Laser Supply supplies engraving and cutting system sales in Connecticut, Southeast NY, Northeast PA and NJ. Ryan Sprole of Industrial Laser Supply represents Epilog, BOFA, Kern, Electrox, and TYKMA.

Diverse Products

We offer a wide range of fabri cation Machines

Whether you are meeting the needs of large corporations or small business customers we have a diverse line of fabrication and engraving machines and products to meet those needs.